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A. Province of  Hasaka.

1. Church of the Saint PythionUhe Monk) Village of Tel Hermizd

Shepherd of the congregation is archdeacon Hermizd son of archdeacon Shiba, Patriarcal deputy. Services of this church arc fulfilled by priest Marcus Hormizd

The Ancient Church of the East
Syria – Hassaka – Tel Hormis
P. O. Box: 566
Tel: 96352- 830385

2. Church of Saint Mar Shallita, in the village of Um Gharghan is ministered by archdeacon Hermiz Shiba.

3. Church of Mar Aprim the great City of Qamishly – it is ministered by priest Narsai Munir Oshana.

4. Church of Mar Sargis – City of Tel Tummer. It is serviced by archdeacon Hormizd Shiba.

Those two churches were already erected before the ordination of his holiness Patriarch Mar Addai II.

B. City Of Damascus

This congregation is composed of Assyrian Iraqi refugees. They do not posses a church but they have a cleric who is the priest Ninos Khouna.