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A. Diocese of the Patriarch

1. Cathedral of Saint Mary and the Patriarchal Cell.

District of Tel Mohammed. Baghdad – Iraq.
Patriarchate Palace
The Ancient Church
of the East.
PO Box 2363
Baghdad – IRAQ
Phone: 9 641 7198362
Fax: 9 641 7179752

This cathedral is the centre of the Patriarchal seat of the
Ancient Church of the East in the world. Ministered by
two priests: Ezaria Warda. and Zaia Edward.

2. Church of Saint Shmouni and her Sons

District of Doura – Baghdad.
This church is ministered by the priest Timatheus son of
priest Eshai.

3. City of Basrah

Church of Mar Gewargis the Martyr.
The church is ministered by clergies of cit) of Baghdad.

B. Diocese of Kirkuk

City of Kirkuk ( Kerkha D’Sloukh)

Cathedral of Mar Youkhanan Ma’ mdana (The Baptist), and the Metropolitan Kirkuk.

His Excellency The Archbishop Mat Narsai Toma is the Shepherd of this diocese and Adnan Khatnis is the priest
of the congregation.

C. Diocese Of Nineveh and Nohadra (Duhok):

1. City of Mosul and the Plateau of Nineveh.  The Cathedral of Virgin Mary and the Metropolitan Cell in the city of Mosul.

His Excellency the Archbishop Mar Toma laatnia Gewargis is the Shepherd of this diocese The priest of this Church is Gewargis Benyamin Zakaria.

The Ancient Church of the East
P. O. Box: 4006
Mosul – IRAQ

2. Church of Mar Gewargis- Village of Sharefia – Priest of this church is Dr. Sargon Dawood.

3. Church of Mar Gewargis (the Martyr) – Village of Karanjuk

4. Church of Mar Yacob the dismembered

5. ( Martyr) Village of Karanjuk

6. Church of Mar Maree – Disciple of the East -Village of Dashqutan

 7. Church of Mar Gewargis (the Martyr) Village of Ain Baqri.

8. Church of Mar Stephanos ( the first of the martyrs). Village of Germawy.

The services in these churches are carried out by the priest Maree Saeed from the village of Karanjuk.

9. Church of Mar Gewargis (the Martyr) city of Ain Sifney ( Sheikhan)

Priest of this congregation is Gewagis Benyamin Zkharia. from the Metropolitan Cell of Nineveh.