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A. Germany

This congregation has no existing church building as yet although ii is considered the centre of the Metropolitan Seat. Shepherd of the diocese is his excellency archbishop Mar Timatheus Shallita. This congregation has two priests:

  • Dawoud Barno and
  • Youkhanan Shamasha Baba.

Assyrische Kirche
Erzbischof Timothaus
D – 55247 Mainz – Kastle.
Postfach 74
Tel: 0613414410

B. Sweden

1. Church of Mar Gewargis (the Martyr), a large building consisting of four stories, in the city of Jonkoping.

2. Congregation of the church of Mar Youkhanan (John the Baptist) in the city of Stockholm, have no existing church building. 

These two congregations are ministered by the priest Youkhanan Yacob.

3. Congregation of the church of Saint Mary in thecity of Goteberg, has no existing church building.

Cleric of the congregation is priest Warda Yacob.

4. Congregation of the city of Skovde, have no existing church.

Their priest is father Yousif Elia Zaduk.

C. Denmark

The Ancient church of the East has a congregation in this country, but it does not have a church building. The congregation is served by the priest Warda Yacoub.

D. England

Congregation of the church of Mar Gewargis (the Martyr) in this country does not posses a church building. 

Archdeacon Dr. Khoshaba Gewargis is it’s cleric.

St. Mary’s Church Hall
62 Greenfor Avenue.
London W7 3QP
United Kingdom

The address of the Archdeacon:

Rev. Dr. Khoshaba Georges
Flat 7,85 Grange Road
London W5 3PH
United Kingdom