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Holy Eucharist (English and Assyrian)

The central worship service held each Sunday. The oblation is a service offered up by the clergy to heaven, through material elements, in hope of forgiveness of sins and of an answer to prayer.

Sunday – Holy Eucharist offered by:

  • St Zaia Cathedral (in Assyrian), Middleton Grange, at 9:00AM
  • St George Parish (in Assyrian), Eastlakes Primary School at 9:00AM

Monday –  St Zaia Cathedral offers:

  • Monday Night bible peaching (in Assyrian), from 8:00pm.

Friday –  Light of the Faith (Youth Group) at St Zaia Cathedral offers:

  • Friday night bible preaching for High School Students (in English) from 7:30pm.
  • Friday night learn Hymns in Assyrian for Primary School Students from 7:30pm.

Daily – Evening prays take place daily at St Zaia Cathedral (Except on Sundays):

  • In summer at 6pm.
  • In winter at 5pm.